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Nobody likes talking about tuition. Especially because it’s so easy to get in some serious student loan debt trying to pay it off. But, today I want to talk about helpful resources that your college tuition is already paying for. So keep reading to learn more!

I recently graduated and post-grad life has forced me to think about the benefits that being a student had. For example, I can’t go to the gym for free anymore! Besides that, post-grad has actually been pretty relaxing. The stress of my new life has been overall very manageable!

It also made me think about some of the great resources that I took advantage of, while being a student. I came across a lot of these resources by luck and would have no idea that I could’ve used them for free/discounted if I never checked!

There are always students discounts available at many retail stores. But this post is dedicated to popular resources that you wouldn’t even know your tuition is paying for.

1. Adobe

Adobe has so many applications, so I’d be surprised if you don’t use it already. Many of the applications I use are convenient and on my phone. Now not ALL of adobe applications are completely free for students, but a lot of them are super useful!

When I started to play around with graphic design for my platform and others that I was working on, I really needed something that I can get creative with. I wanted to use Adobe Photoshop, but that’s one of the applications that isn’t completely free (Adobe Creative Cloud is 60% OFF for students and teachers though). There’s nothing wrong with having to pay for helpful resources, but college life can leave you pretty broke, so I looked out for the free ones!

The good thing is I was able to work around it. Here are some applications that are free/have free versions:

  1. Spark Post- helpful when making creative graphics
  2. Photoshop Express- great for editing pictures with different effects
  3. Premiere Rush- useful when editing videos
  4. Lightroom- perfect for editing the light effects of pictures

2. Apple Music Student Discount+ Free Apple TV

Apple Music is $5.99 if your a student paying college tuition
The smartest decision Apple probably ever made was to create monthly membership accounts. I remember the days when downloading your favorite songs were popular.

Today, Apple has made everything easier when they allowed people to download as many songs as they want for only $14.99/month. Well… $5.99 when you’re a student!

College college can be stressful, so make sure to get your student discount with Apple Music. They’re also providing Apple TV for free with every student membership.

3. Lynda

If you’re trying to learn ways to make money online this resource is something you’ll definitely want to have. They have so many courses that are genuinely helpful!

((By the way, I’m not paid to advertise any of these resources, just talking about them from personal experience!))

They have resources to help start businesses, market your business correctly, and so much more! We are in a digital age and content is Queen! This resource is a perfect place to learn about things that are actually helpful for what you’re doing right now.

4. Checking + Savings account monthly charges

Now this is less of a resource and more of something that you should take advantage of! Banks make money from credit cards and debit cards in different ways. They make money from credit cards mostly with interest. They make money from debit cards by investing your balance and also with monthly fees.

When you want to open a checking account or a savings account you may have to pay a monthly fee of $10 – $15. With a student account, you can waive this monthly fee. Make sure to take advantage of it while you’re still paying college tuition because post-grad is a different story!

5. Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.) 

This is hands down the best resource to have. If you’re trying to create documents or power-points, office is one of the most widely used services (Ask Bill Gates).

Microsoft Office can get pretty expensive if you’re not a student, so please take advantage of all the resources that it offers. If you’re a student then you have access to Microsoft Office Apps for free! Just like Adobe, it has many applications that you can use, so check them all out!

So, paying college tuition can be more helpful than you think!

PLEASE take advantage of the resources that your tuition is already paying for! Looking back at college I just wish that I knew that I had access to these resources, earlier. These aren’t the only resources available either. Something I started to do automatically was attempt to login with my school email on the ‘Organization’ or ‘Group’ links available on resources that I wanted.

It didn’t always work, but you never know what you’re college tuition is already paying for, so try it out. Also, resources vary from school to school. But it doesn’t hurt to try and it’s saved me tons. So, don’t be afraid!

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