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Financial freedom, simply means that money does not limit you. It means that your finances have given you the freedom to do what you want with it. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the goal!

Money itself is useless. It’s the value that people place on money that really matters. Over 3,000 years ago, people would barter or directly exchange goods and services. Today people exchange cash (paper money), plastic cards, electronic money and even cryptocurrency for goods and services.

What are mindful money habits?

Enough with the history lesson! Let’s talk about creating mindful money habits today. Being mindful about your money means that you are 100% aware of your money. Every penny is accounted for. You know how you’re making & losing your money. Optimize your money in 3 easy steps:


Recognize your relationship with money. Before attempting to go anywhere, you first have take a good look at where you are now. Here, you’ll learn tips like how to read and analyze your bank statements, how to understand the rate you’re actually paying down debt, and MORE!

Step 2: REWORK

Now that you know exactly where you stand with money, it’s time to rework! Optimizing your money can be as simple as making a budget that you can stick to, saving at a pace that you can handle, or finding small ways to re-invest idle money.


After you build the discipline to make your money do exactly what you want, the world is yours! You’ll be able to set money goals and continuously reach them. You’ll know how to purposely spend every penny. And THAT is mindful money!

Before mastering anything, you first need to learn. Look at any top entrepreneur, athlete, or politician. They all know their profession and better than most people. Money State University is your personal resource for learning all things money! With the latest tips, tricks, and information about personal finance, you’ll learn more about the way money works and how you can make it work for you.

Money is not always easy or fun to learn about, but at MSU it will be! There are only so many things you can do with your money. You can make, spend, save, invest, borrow, or donate it. Start by checking out each tab under “your money,” and learn about all the ways to create mindful money habits.

For more resources check out our Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest! I’m on a journey to financial freedom myself and I want to share everything that I’m learning and hopefully motivate you to do the same. So… let’s get to work!

With love and motivation
~ Alexandria

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